A/V & Room Spec Request Sheet



Scott will use his laptop from the stage, so a podium or table is needed as well as a stable internet connection. This is a must - he uses a highly customized Keynote program that uses specialized animation, videos, and fonts. His presentation cannot be run off someone else’s laptop. His slides are formatted in 16x9. He can run VGA or HDMI off his laptop.


Wireless lavalier microphone

Screen & Computer Projection System

He uses a MacBook Pro. An LCD projector system compatible with a Mac computer is required.

Media Materials

Scott uses Keynote and not PowerPoint to create his media presentations. He often works on them up until the last minute to customize these presentations directly for the attendees. For this reason, he is not able to send his slides in advance. However, he does have a handout that can be sent in advance. Please let us know if you have any deadlines for materials, and we will do our best to meet them.


We encourage video recording for archival purposes. A separate agreement will be required and a licensing fee may apply depending on how you plan to use the recording after the event. If you plan to record any portion of Scott's presentation, please call or contact our office to request a Recording Agreement.