Customer Experience

Selling in a Hyper-Personalized World

What if you knew exactly what each of your constituents (customers, members, patients, vendors, employees etc) REALLY wanted? Would that help you develop customer loyalty? If you could anticipate what each person wanted from you before they told you, how would knowing that change your approach?

Through use of big data and digital connections, you can individualize relationships with any client or prospect you value.

A hot topic in marketing today is “hyper-personalization.” This is the process of gathering a deep level of information on your constituents and then using that information to create loyal and valued relationships. This goes way beyond installing a CRM system!

Scott has been on the vanguard of digital marketing techniques since digital marketing was born. In this session, he combines his custom knowledge of your industry and digital marketing savvy to show attendees several new methods for driving business. This includes using the process of “mapping the customer journey” to detail every touchpoint in relationships and how either a human or technology connection can be used to create a fantastic experience.

As a special bonus, Scott can provide sample templates and tools that are used to complete these processes, so attendees can create a strategic plan for their organization.

Learning Objectives & Take-Aways

  • Build relationship journey maps inside your organization that detail every touch point of engagement

  • Develop hyper-personalization within your own engagement efforts

  • Create a robust digital revenue engine to tie your efforts together and work toward building a more effective customer journey

  • Discover how to get your customers talking about their experience with you to their networks

  • Find the correct HUMALOGY® balance throughout your entire customer experience strategy

  • Harness the enormous amount of data potentially available through customers’ mobile devices to serve them in unbelievable ways

  • Discover how smart devices and the Internet of Things will produce a seismic shift in the way you serve customers

  • Technology tips and tricks to drive revenue

Best Audience

C-Suite Executives, Business Side leaders, Marketing Executives, Sales Managers, Salespeople, Customer Care Professionals

What does digital marketing mean to this audience?

Best Format/Placing in a Conference

This is an extremely versatile topic. It can be a keynote speech, breakout session, or a workshop. It’s easy to place this into a conference or event because it can basically fall anywhere in the schedule. Depending on the need of the audience, this talk can lean towards inspiring people to adopt new methods and tools or can be a more hands-on “how-to” session.


Notes for the meeting planner

Scott has been speaking about this topic since “digital marketing” was a term (in the mid 1990’s).  He will cover what are the “latest and greatest” tools and techniques. It doesn’t matter if it’s B2B or B2C: every organization needs to build better digital relationships with their constituents (customers, members, patients, vendors, employees etc.). He will show how to use technology to build tighter relationships and drive revenue and/or better relationships.


Customizable Meter (1-10)

Nine (9) Meaning that this is almost entirely customizable. It can be industry specific and to the delivered as a Keynote, Breakout, or Workshop. This content changes all the time and is updated regularly because digital marketing is always changing and innovating

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