Thriving in the Digital Transformation

Leading Through Disruption

In today’s business environment, all leaders in every organization is currently facing the monumental task of maturing their tools, processes, and people in a world dominated by technology. And now, the speed at which this is happening is very important also.

In a thought-provoking and inspiring presentation, Scott walks you through the digital transformation and its formidable impact on your industry.

Scott considers technologies that are currently impacting your industry, including the Internet of Things, automation, wearable devices, cashless society, hyper-personalization, cybersecurity, and much more. He peppers this talk with real world examples of organizations that have navigated the digital transformation successfully and those who have not.

Also, he will discuss how fast all of this is happening. Can you move faster than your competition? How do we measure that? He also uses interesting and humorous anecdotes from his work as a CEO, technologist, and consultant to provide illustrations of the step’s leaders must take to pilot their organizations through a world that is evolving at unprecedented speeds.

Learning Objectives & Take-Aways

  • What is the influence innovative technologies are having on your industry?

  • At what speed is your organization executing digital transformation? How can I measure that against the competition?

  • Understand how technology can be used to make your organization more efficient, effective, and capable of adapting to a rapidly changing marketplace

  • Develop “high beam” thinking, looking out into the future to spot trends that will disrupt your industry

  • Creating Rivers of Information® to help you grow your Technology IQ more quickly and effectively

  • Form a “technology halo” so customers can recognize the ways you use technology to offer them convenience and ease

Best Audience

This can be customized really to any type of audience including: Managers, Executives, C-Suite Leaders, Business Owners, IT, Entrepreneurs, Associations

The digital and financial health of every organization is based on how well and how fast digital transformation occurs.

Best Format/Placing in a Conference

This is a very versatile topic and can be placed anywhere in a conference or an organization’s meeting. The speech is particularly effective in a keynote for the opening keynote or closing keynote of an event. This topic is very relevant, and it is on every leaders’ mind in every industry. Also, it really doesn’t work well for a workshop or breakout session.

Notes for the meeting planner

This speech is always evolving, and it will include what is going on with digital transformation in the world plus weaving in what is going on within the industry. The pace of digital transformation is important also? How fast is the industry going? How fast are your competitors going? And because of the pace, how is that affecting the industry. What should you, as a leader, be doing about it?

Customizable Meter (1-10) 

Eight (8)– meaning that 80% of the content will be customized to the industry/event. Scott will meet with the event planners to discuss the customizable features and incorporate into the keynote.

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