Machine Intelligence

Rise of the Machines

The rise of machines is both exciting and scary for some people. It shouldn’t be “scary” and the more you learn about the subject, the more exciting it is. Machine Intelligence is poised to dramatically reshape all organizations and industries. It will give organizations better insight into their constituent outreach and back office processes while allowing them to run smarter and leaner.

Scott will cover the Machine Intelligence Ecosystem – Robotics, Smart Sensors, Cognitive Computing, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. We are in an era when technology is systematically integrating more and more into our lives. He will show how MI is changing your industry and things leaders need to know about it. Plus, does every leadership team within an organization need to build a Machine Intelligence strategy? Scott will give his insights on that and more in the fascinating topic.

Learning Objectives & Take-Aways

  • What influence Machine Intelligence is having on your industry?

  • Discover how leading-edge technologies, such as implantable devices, autonomous robotics, the Internet of Things, and massive rivers of data, will come together to reshape our lives and industries

  • Consider the positive and the negatives of the technology integration

  • Reflect broadly on how to position your organization for the coming dynamic changes

  • Does your organization need a Machine Intelligence strategy? If so, where do we start and how do we get it accomplished?

Best Audience

This can be customized really to any type of audience, but it is best suited for: C-Suite Executives, Human Resources, High Potential Employees, Strategic Leaders

What happens when machines replace humans in the workforce?

Best Format/Placing in a Conference

This is a “very cool” opening or closing speech for an event or conference. It can be designed to have the desired impact you want and/or need to “top last year’s” event. It can be customized to start a conference off with a “bang” or “keep them talking on their way home after the event.” It is also a great topic for a breakout session.

Notes for the meeting planner

This speech is constantly changing because of the rate of change in the field of Machine Intelligence. Scott continues to stay on top of innovations in Machine Intelligence, thus this speech is different every time. Scott can make this speech very practical where attendees have things they need to think about and do when they get back to their organization. He also can make it very “thought leading” on how Machine Intelligence is going to change society or their industry.

Customizable Meter (scale of 1-10) 

Eight (8) – Meaning that about 80% of the content is colonizable. That’s Because there are so many variables in this speech – Practical vs Thought Leading, Custom to the Industry or Best Practices, Just Educational about the topic.

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