Trends, Technology, and Taking the Lead

Technology isn't simply a tool. In the right hands, Technology can almost be magical in its ability to give us new capabilities. As a leader, it is critical that you understand how technology can be fully leveraged in order to drive top-line revenues, or lower bottom-line costs. Scott will discuss practical technology tools and concepts that can be used as soon as you get back to the office.

With Scott’s fast-paced and entertaining style, he will create context for many of the words and concepts that you have heard about but couldn’t quite apply. Many people talk about the Digital Transformation and few people really can describe what it is and how it is changing the world, and the economy.  It is important for people in the technology industry to have the 30,000 ft view of the transformation so they can make solid design decisions, and even career choices.  

You are moving through digital transformation, but are you moving fast enough? Scott Klososky speaks all over the world on how the impact the Digital Transformation is having on the human race, as well as how organizations go to market. His presentation will focus on subjects such as how technology is integrating into humanity, machine intelligence, cybersecurity, and the critical need to be able to look over the horizon accurately.

Learning Objectives & Take-Aways for the Audience:

  • Does your organization not have a digital transformation strategy? If not, where do you start and how do you get it accomplished?

  • How to tell if you are moving fast enough through digital transformation?

  • What’s going on with technology in your industry? 

  • What do leaders need to know about leveraging technology?

  • What do leaders need to do competitively to win with technology in the next 3-5 years?

Best Audience:

This is typically given to Business-side leaders looking to learn how to take the lead in technology with their organization. However, this can easily be customized to any type of audience including: Managers, Executives, C-Suite Leaders, Business Owners, IT, Entrepreneurs, Associations. The talk is a little different for leaders vs. when all levels of organizations are in attendance.

You are moving through digital transformation, but are you moving fast enough?

Best Format/Placing in a Conference: 

This is a another very popular topic of Scott’s. It’s a very versatile topic and can be placed anywhere in a conference or an organization’s meeting. It’s great for the opening keynote or closing keynote of an event. This topic is very relevant, and it is on every leaders’ mind in every industry. This is really not for a breakout session or workshop.

Notes for the meeting planner:

This is a talk that is both thought provoking and practical. Scott combines highlighting a few new trends that people might be aware of and adds a few over the horizon trends that are completely new. To this Scott adds the delivery of practical technology tools, or concepts that can be used as soon the attendees get back to the office. 

Customizable Meter (1-10):

 Eight (8) Meaning 80% of the content is customizable to the conference or event. The combination of importance of leadership in Technology, what are some of the trends in the industry (customized to the industry), and are you moving fast enough through digital transformation makes this talk easily adapted to any conference or event.

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